Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yay Graphics!

So I figured I'd make a quick post here since I can't seem to sleep. Graphic production has come to pretty much a complete stop as I've taken up some jobs for the game that are much more work than I anticipated. The two biggest: The "facing the screen" sideways walk the player has to do and the Former Human's handgun. The original Doom never had any reason to show the player strafing, so those animations need to be completely custom made. The Former Human's handgun is just annoying. Drawing human arms in correct proportion is apparently ridiculously difficult for me. It's coming along, but slowly. I've done plenty of editing of sprites in very short amounts of time, but making completely new frames out of existing frames that aren't really that close to what I need isn't as easy as I had thought. Sorry, just needed to rant about that. I'm closing Photoshop and attempting to go to bed again. 1337 dr34m5, internet.


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