Friday, August 19, 2011

Alpha Release Coming Soon

Right now Nonulok and I are doing a lot of cleanup and polishing (for what is all still unfinished) and we will be releasing what we have very shortly. What will be released will be all finished portion of characters (enemies and player) features and functions. Why will it be considered Alpha?? Well very simply put, we will be making about 4 or 5 levels that will actually have nothing to do with the finished story line. They will be levels to be levels so you can test what the game will play like (overall) and maybe give us some suggestions if we possibly missed something. Of course more features and characters will be added after the fact of the Alpha release but this is kinda a taste test for all you really waiting for this to rear it's head.

Guesstimated time may be two weeks, maybe less depending on how smooth everything goes from this point. One final question??.... Should we release another video of the Alpha release before it goes out or should we just release the Alpha and let you all be surprised with what has been added since???


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