Friday, August 12, 2011

AI Updates

The AI I tell you is a beastly thing and I think it's not only a beastly thing, it's also a very important thing. Now I do understand that after all it is only a sidescroller and the AI is nothing like say Thief but it still is a very important part of a game. So I decided to actually polish the AI up now and make the AI what I want it to be for final release when we put out the alpha test. And because of this we may push it back a little but I really am hoping that within the next 4 days I can polish it up really well for what it's worth.

I am trying to give the AI an interesting twist for this game considering that it is an action 2D sidescroller. Some levels will be set up for some stealth, but please do not let this fool you, it will be packed with action. I would like to try to make some parts of the game "suspencful".

Nonulok should be posting that video real soon today and I will be working on polishing up the AI. So that is it as far as the updates are concerned.


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