Friday, September 23, 2011

Progress Update

Code wise I actually took a mini break but am back on full force. between trying to put the finishing touches on the "Mini Game" and adding some new things to DooM it does kinda get a little, crazy and fun in very interesting ways. I myself can not wait to get ahold of the new death and idle animations. Nonulok does some great work and the random aspect of how they will die and just not being the same thing over and over will some some extra excitement to the game. The code is actually fully in place for deaths, idle, and hit particles (meaning upon being hit, they will bleed differently everytime). so this will be uber cool.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Random Animations

So I've been working on some new animations for the characters that are already in game. The plan right now is to have 5 animations that can be randomly called when each enemy dies as well as (hopefully) 5 animations for when the enemies are idle. This system will be based on 2 random numbers generated for each character. At least, that's how it's currently being worked in. This might change. So far, I've been focusing on the Former Human's animations since he's kind of the canon fodder enemy of the game. Currently he has 3 unique death animations and 2 idle animations. I've made more, but that's how many of those I'll actually use and look decent in game. More on this later when I have more of it done.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Few Updates

Have not posted for a while and yes this project is still very ALIVE and kicking. This is actually more than just a 1 game venture for both Nonulok and I so we have been working on building a business model, including::
1. Building a community
2. A structure on how we will advertise our existence and promote our creations to the masses
3. What changes we will make about the way we will build our community
a. We will post and be more active in Indie based forums and communities.
b. Post in forums and communities that are related to our current project.
(These seem very obvious, but when your heart is focused on the game itself these can easily be overlooked.)
4. We will release "Mini Games" while we work on our main current project.
a. "Mini Games" will consist of a simplified game based off our current engine.
b. They will be 1 or 2 levels with a boss fight at the end.
c. Every week or two another 2 or so levels will be released. (kinda like very short episodes)
d. We understand that 2 levels is kinda not much but they are free and they will be a good 5 or so minutes of fun. And who knows, maybe after the main project is done we will compile all the "episodes" into 1 game and release a free compilation game.
e. These "Mini Games" will be a way of showing that we are active and providing a little gift from us for staying current and an active member in our community.

As far as DooM 2D goes, there has been alot of nice updates and additions. This Saturday we may be doing another video on it's current state. So it is going very well and we are very pleased with it thus far.

As far as a "Mini Game" is concerned, I am already about 1/2 way with having one finished. I am guessing maybe 1 or 2 weeks tops. Oh yeah, where will you get these at???? Well that is easy, we are working on updating this blog space to be like a home page with links to my server that will host the files.

Well that was a huge post but I had a lot to tell ya, until next time......


Edited by Nonulok for lies.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Player Animations

Well I will say that I am very glad we decided to hold off the alpha testing. Even though the game (looking) is coming out really good, special effects and other such things like a head and gun arm that follow the curser really adds to the overall experience. We also want to add a few more effects to damaging world tiles and enemies themselves. I do understand that it is after all a 2D game, but to go cheezy and not make it special is really just an insult to mine and Nonuloks vision and you the gamers. So special effects will be added in great numbers to hopefully immerse you further into the Hell known as DooM.

Also something to be worked on, ....... wait for it............... a custom death animation for each enemy when killed by the chainsaw. Hmmm, I wonder what that could look like....


P.S. new video should be posted this Sunday or so with visual updates.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Player Mechanics

????? New Player Mechanics?????? Whu?? Well, let me explain. As you could clearly see in the video, you always looked forward even while shooting at angles and scoping out your enemies with missiles to the face. Well, I personally wanted to add visuals that would show your currently selected gun in your hand and also show in what direction you are facing, as in angles. Hence new player mechanics. the head, chest, weapon arms, and legs are now all separate pieces that get their own animations, meaning we can do some really cool animation combos with out having to make tons of sprite sheets, .... this makes Nonulok very happy : ) My brother watched the video and funny thing is the first thing he said to me was "he should aim where he is shooting" and I said, "I know, I really want that but not fully sure if I should add that"

Well, I'm adding that, and it seems I was not the only one to think it so, there ya go. When all the angle math and placement works, I will post some short video pimping it out. until then, happy gaming...