Wednesday, March 28, 2012

AI .... So Much Fun

So currently working on the background mechanics on AI and other things involving the dumbness ... err, I mean smarts of the enemy. AI is a fun and annoying thing to work on. Since you try to make the "enemy" seem like they know what they are doing without making it too predictable and yet the minor randomness that comes with it can break and not always show it's ugly head when a bug or glitch is in the code. Ah, good times.

Like I said, AI ..... So much fun.

Well, that is where we are at and making some really good progress.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Time to Let the Cat Out of the Bag

To shed some light on our current project. Remember how I said that I was working with the overhead portion of the engine. Well here it is.....

The current project running name is Tik Tok Tank. It is an overhead arcade style shooter. Featuring:
Weapon and player based power ups.
Enemy spawners.
An over world.
Randomly generated dungeons.
Custom created enemy bases.
Crazy ass bosses.
And tons of different enemy types.

So basically you will be given a certain amount of life to search the over world for enemy dungeons and bases. While on the over world you will be fighting off enemies of various difficulties. after finding a dungeon or base it then turns into smaller maps containing 4 levels then a boss fight. Like stated in features, what makes the dungeons different than the bases. Simple, bases are premade levels with randomly placed enemies and power ups. Dungeons are completely randomly generated. Cool thing is, no one game will be 100% identical.

So what is the progress, A lot is actually working but enemy AI is right now kinda bad. So that is the current big task. We will be posting some video footage and images of its current status. We may also post a percentage meter showing where everything is sitting as far as completion wise.

well for now that's a rap


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Reason for Upcoming Actions

Just want to explain so no one thinks we are slowing down.

We are working on a big project and doing something else that's big, so we are being pulled in in two directions at once. Why would we do this?? Simple, the first big thing is a sweet game that has been mentioned earlier and right now I am finishing up some of the most important parts.

The second big thing??
Super simple.... We are releasing the current game as a commercial release. We are working with Steam and Desura (the other big project) so of course we need tons of stuff in place for this to happen. Very soon we will be posting pics, vids and game description and features.

What this could do....
This may slow down our posting while we get these two very time consuming things under wraps. We are very excited to be getting to this point and will also be excited when we can deliver our labor of gaming love to you the fans and gamers.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Weekend

Yes, not really an update post but more like a hello and how ye doing post. Making forward progression still with the rendering portion of the engine and the random dungeon creation parts. Still going very well.

more updates (bigger) soon.....