Monday, November 28, 2011

Just a Few Days

Goes out to the masses in a few days (Friday), getting pretty amped up about it. So far I have heard positive things about it along with some annoyances, which I am currently smoothing out. The Demo release will (should) be free of these annoyances and a little prettier than the beta demo.


Friday, November 25, 2011

A Little Late But Finally Out

This would be an official milestone.

The game (beta demo) is finished and sitting on a file server. Right now it is limited but will be full access next Friday to the masses. I am taking a risky guess but believe the Episode 1 release will be within 3 weeks, along with that we will try a 2 - 3 week release per episode but we will have to see how that goes.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Crunch Time!

It's the night before our game's demo is released and we're staying up till it's done. This release WILL be coming out on Monday even if we have to stay up all night to finish it. We don't have that much left to do. Most of it is fixing a few graphical glitches and adding a few new animations. The coding is pretty much done...for now. The big thing is going to be level design. We have one level pretty much done and hope to get at least 2 more done for release. We're going to start with a limited release to a few select people for bug testing, then it's going live for all! Check back for a MediaFire link (or similar site) after a few days when we know everything is at least functional.


If you want to be a tester, E-Mail me at

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Right On Schedule

Just like I stated last post, both Nonulok and I are right on schedule with the Demo Release. With a few modifications, It is being released as a Beta Demo. We will be selecting 6 or so testers. It will be released Monday 11-21-2011 to the testers. If all goes well with that, then it will go live to the masses within the same week.

What the Demo is:
A dumbed down version of the official Episode 1 release.

And what does that mean exactly?
Level detail will be minimal. Decor to bring out atmosphere will not fully be in place. Stages will be a little shorter. GFX may change.

What will stay the same from the Demo to the Episode 1 release?
The core of the gameplay mechanics.
The overall layout of the initial level pieces.
The animations and effects. (this also includes characters)

so essentially the demo is to test how the game is played on levels that will really exist and not just a "Tech Demo" level showing off capabilities. I believe that when showing off what an engine can do and then receiving a game that is totally different than your first go at it can be both very misleading and kill the experience. Both of which we do not want to do.

So recap. Demo = short level to test overall gameplay and control. Episode 1 release will be longer and better in visual appearance.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Current Activities

Alright, a quick update as far as were we are and what we are doing.

DooM 2D:
Designing levels, polishing up some sprites. As far as the engine that runs the game minor tweaks will be happening here and there to fix or should I say optimize enemy AI a little more. Polish up the collision detection. And we still need to add music (which the demo will not have). But a 3 level demo is on it's way withing the next few weeks. I can actually guarantee that it will be out before December.

I will dub thee engine Basic 2D. That will be because the way it was programmed was mainly as a one style game sorta engine. We will release a few more games based upon this engine but that will bring us into the next topic.

Ground Zero Engine:
This I actually started the ground work on yesterday. This will be much more of a modular engine to keep it very versatile with how we will be able to utilize it. I am naming it Ground Zero because I am making it modular with the knowledge of when I want to test a new concept, there is my new module. So it will be used as a testing ground also. With this engine I am hoping to bring in more life as in FX, physics, and the likes. This engine will also be 2D. I believe our first mini game may actually be released as a personal test of mine while working on this engine, so the mini game will have some new features that DooM 2D will not be receiving.

That's it for now, all have a wonderful day


Friday, November 4, 2011

Now for a big announcement

Nonulok and I both sat down and discussed the future of DooM 2D, and it came to this. We believe the game will do well as an episodic style game release. This will allow us to continue on making regular level releases on it, while improving it and start working on our commercial release game all at the same time and not kill quality in any of the products. Now with that being said we both drew up some levels that will act as the introduction for the on going story line that will be DooM 2D. With where everything sits at right now I would not be surprised to see something official in about 2 weeks or so. The demo will still be released as a short version of the first few levels release just to get all of your feet wet.

Questions, please ask away and leave comments.