Monday, November 7, 2011

Current Activities

Alright, a quick update as far as were we are and what we are doing.

DooM 2D:
Designing levels, polishing up some sprites. As far as the engine that runs the game minor tweaks will be happening here and there to fix or should I say optimize enemy AI a little more. Polish up the collision detection. And we still need to add music (which the demo will not have). But a 3 level demo is on it's way withing the next few weeks. I can actually guarantee that it will be out before December.

I will dub thee engine Basic 2D. That will be because the way it was programmed was mainly as a one style game sorta engine. We will release a few more games based upon this engine but that will bring us into the next topic.

Ground Zero Engine:
This I actually started the ground work on yesterday. This will be much more of a modular engine to keep it very versatile with how we will be able to utilize it. I am naming it Ground Zero because I am making it modular with the knowledge of when I want to test a new concept, there is my new module. So it will be used as a testing ground also. With this engine I am hoping to bring in more life as in FX, physics, and the likes. This engine will also be 2D. I believe our first mini game may actually be released as a personal test of mine while working on this engine, so the mini game will have some new features that DooM 2D will not be receiving.

That's it for now, all have a wonderful day


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