Saturday, March 16, 2013

Marches Update

OK, it has been a while, but like I said we have a Facebook page that gets most of the updates. I will include that link to the side to make it easier to stop by and visit.

Games and where they are at:

Action Corp:
Released the tech demo of this one. Waiting to hear community feedback. This is still a work in progress but currently on hold.

Space Attack:
About 90% completed. We still have to add sounds and 4 bosses. AI, and main enemies work and function as we intended. In game store (items purchased by your points you score) is fully working as intended. Shields and life along with the UI all work as intended.

Nonulok stated that he wanted to re-work all of the images to make them bigger and a little more detailed. Since we are trying to stay within the limits of the Android res and we do not want the game to scroll we have to still stick with some form of pixel art but does not mean it is a bad thing.

Tank of Fortune:
I am currently recoding this one with better AI since Nonulok is imaging Space Attack and that leaves me with some free time. I am going for a little more up-to-date gameplay than I originally anticipated with this one. It will still be made up of stages you need to complete to move to the next but each stage will have objectives that allow for exploring than just going in a general direction to complete the level.

Tik Tok Tank:
On hold. Long term project. This will be a commercial release and when that day comes will most likely go for $3 or so. At the time we start work on this again we may do some kind of funding for it to get things rolling quicker. I will post more info on this later.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

As We Stand Today

First off, apologies for not posting in a very long time. I have more or less been working on projects and have been doing quick posts on Facebook. A game has been released called Space Attack. This was kind of my take on what I would have liked space invaders to be like. And when all said and done it will be of very little resemblance to it. It will be more like a space shooter with purchasable (in game money) upgrades. So far it is coming along very well. The basic gameplay version is available to play. I will link that in the side later.

Facebook will be updated more frequently than this blog due to quicker access. This will be the home of major news and smaller news will be facebook. Also if you are reading on facebook then you are logged in and able to leave comments which seams to be a no no from those that read these. Comments are very good and keeps everyone active and makes finished products more to the enjoyment of you the players..


Monday, November 5, 2012

Current Projects

Sorry about not being too active with the posts lately, just been working hard with the development of three HTML5 titles. Trying to make all three good easy fun. Also trying to make sure that they will be playable on most normal phones and tablets. I keep saying videos of these titles will be available and it still has not happened yet but this time some will be made. I am hoping sometime this weekend we will have one major video featuring all three games or a short video for each.

One of them may even be available as a demo this weekend. (oooh, what fun). When we do demos, they are tech demos of the games functions and playstyle, so the play level will not be all fancy and super challenging but you will get a good idea on how the game will play.  Also this will give you guys the chance to suggest level layouts and ideas to us on our facebook page.

Remember we design games for the gamers and would love to make awesome games for all of you. The best way to do this is by hearing what you have to say and then implementing it.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tanks of Fortune Update

We currently have a good amount of graphical assets for this game now, most sounds will be pulled and reused from Tik Tok Tank. Some sounds will even get an update to sound fuller. As of right now, the game will most likely get a new level every week and start off with having 1 for now. A menu system will most likely be made to choose the levels you wish to play. This will eventually grow into small campaigns but as for now will be mini missions.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Like Us on Facebook

Yeah, not much of an original title but needless to say we do have a Facebook page now. We will still make new posts here but we will also post small updates on Facebook. So please join us and show some love. We are still trying to get some video footage and pics up on the Facebook page. With 2 people and the projects and real life work we both have it will take a little bit of time to get there but we will.......

Right now Tik Tok Tank and Tank of Fortune are being ported to the web and we are also (still) working on Neuntoter's Adventure for the web.

Thanks for your support


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Neuntoter's Adventure

Well, that is at least the running title right now. This is actually our first official Web Game and so far it is coming along very well. It will be a short game as to break the ice to web gaming and then our next project will be longer. I am also thinking about taking Tank of Fortune and instead of it being a PC release I may just port it for web play so all can enjoy. The game is fun and almost ready but with the way gaming is going nowadays, I believe that it should be available to the masses and not just PC, especially because of the type of game it is.

Well, that's it for now.....


Monday, August 20, 2012

Projects We Are Currently Working On

Tik Tok Tank Status:

Because of how out of the box this game was, we will be putting it's updates on hold. Both Nonulok and I believe it's a fun little game to play but the downloads are showing that it did not do as well as we planned. So until we build further momentum from other games, this one is on hold. Trust me though, this one will have tons of more crazy things and fun added when it makes it's return.

Tank of Fortune:

Basically, this is a re-work of Tik Tok Tank. This game will consist of ten levels with mini boss fights at the end of each. This games play style will be more start level, play through level, reach end of level, then battle boss. Kind of like the old school NES and SNES linear games. Also I did away with all the random power ups and weapons. They are now drops from enemies. This one is about 50% finished and will be a free download from our site.


This game has not yet been named but the over all story and concept have been fleshed out. This one will utilize the new Ground Zero Engine I have been working on which is coming along very well. This will be a 2D side scrolling shooter. Currently Nonulok is working on the graphical side of things. More on this later.

Enguised Studios Arcade:

Not a game, but a collection of HTML 5 based games that we made. I am working on a small little gothic style side scroll adventure game to test the waters. Anything in this arcade collection will be free to play direct from the web page. I will also explain a little more on this later.

Until then, hope everyone has an excellent week and chat really soon......