Thursday, December 7, 2017

It's Been a While

Ok, .. Anything RWBY right now is most likely not going to be a thing. Due to lack of overall interest from spriters wanting to help us with any RWBY project we really could not continue. Although I am going to work on Tik Tok Tank and our original project DooM 2D. Both of these projects will be done by both myself and my one buddy that also programs. So I am super happy since I will not be doing everything and be able to focus on certain aspects of the project. Tank of Fortune may also become a fully realized project since it is based on Tik Tok Tank's engine and assets.

I personally would like to apologize about the many times we have stated that things were in the works and have abruptly ended. Most of this has happened with me coding and then getting pulled away to create graphical assets, audio assets and level design. For me it was a lot to take on. But now I do have an interested coder that can now help alleviate some of this strain.

Nonulok and I have both designed a board game called Chrono Clash. It is a 1v1 or 2v2 fighting game featuring fighters from different time frames or just themes in general. The initial two themes are Cultists and Aliens. it features a set of miniatures per faction, a 3D battle board, 4 life dial counters. The game is played with cards and uses no dice at all. Each player has a 10 card deck for movement, defense and attack. At the start of your turn you will draw a number of cards depending on where your character is located in the arena. I will most likely be posting a game play video showing the game in action. So far those who have played the game have given pretty good feed back about it.

More updates soon :)


Monday, April 18, 2016

Updates Involving RWBY Platformer

     OK, so after some discussion, both Nonulok and I wanted to do the RWBY platformer game but the artist we were in discussion with was very busy with life commitments. So Nonulok said he was still very interested in doing a Metroidvania style game. I am also excited about the idea, so we are currently discussing what we can do as far as this type of game is concerned.

     As for the fighting game, we are going to put that on hold for now but I am still actively working on the Fighter Maker software. So those who are excited about that project fear not, it is still in the works.

Till next time,


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Random RWBY Encounter

Small update::

Nonulok came across an artist on the web that does some really good RWBY sprite work and animations.We then got in contact with this artist to see if they were interested in helping us art wise with our RWBY fighter. They were interested in doing a Metroidvania style RWBY game but needed a coder. We are very interested in this idea and have been going over some details with the artist. Like I said in a previous post, the fighter maker project will be our flagship product but that is code heavy were as creating a 2D platforming engine is not too bad and the rest is design which Nonulok will work on while I code the fighter maker.

None of this has been finalized but it's a small update. Two RWBY games. an adventure and fighter. Could be some fun times...

See You soon :)

Thursday, April 7, 2016

A RWBY Fighting Game, ... What??

   So, just a quick info spill here. The fighting game that Nonulok wished to make was pretty much in tribute to Roosterteeth and their little child know as RWBY. With that being said, the fighting engine that I am working on will be our new flagship software. Right now I am working on the tools that will create all the scripts that the engine will then read and make the magic work. I can not give to many details as of right now but here you go. I hope many of you are as excited as we are.

Till next time

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

New Life Has Brought Us Back

Both Nonulok and I decided to take a break from Enguised Studios for a little due to life reasons. I am very glad to mention that we are back to working on a big project that we both fully believe in. We have begun to work on a fighting game and in the process decided that we would create a Fighting Game Maker type program and use that to make our fighting game. I will have more information on this soon.

Thank you to all that still support and believe in us.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Marches Update

OK, it has been a while, but like I said we have a Facebook page that gets most of the updates. I will include that link to the side to make it easier to stop by and visit.

Games and where they are at:

Action Corp:
Released the tech demo of this one. Waiting to hear community feedback. This is still a work in progress but currently on hold.

Space Attack:
About 90% completed. We still have to add sounds and 4 bosses. AI, and main enemies work and function as we intended. In game store (items purchased by your points you score) is fully working as intended. Shields and life along with the UI all work as intended.

Nonulok stated that he wanted to re-work all of the images to make them bigger and a little more detailed. Since we are trying to stay within the limits of the Android res and we do not want the game to scroll we have to still stick with some form of pixel art but does not mean it is a bad thing.

Tank of Fortune:
I am currently recoding this one with better AI since Nonulok is imaging Space Attack and that leaves me with some free time. I am going for a little more up-to-date gameplay than I originally anticipated with this one. It will still be made up of stages you need to complete to move to the next but each stage will have objectives that allow for exploring than just going in a general direction to complete the level.

Tik Tok Tank:
On hold. Long term project. This will be a commercial release and when that day comes will most likely go for $3 or so. At the time we start work on this again we may do some kind of funding for it to get things rolling quicker. I will post more info on this later.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

As We Stand Today

First off, apologies for not posting in a very long time. I have more or less been working on projects and have been doing quick posts on Facebook. A game has been released called Space Attack. This was kind of my take on what I would have liked space invaders to be like. And when all said and done it will be of very little resemblance to it. It will be more like a space shooter with purchasable (in game money) upgrades. So far it is coming along very well. The basic gameplay version is available to play. I will link that in the side later.

Facebook will be updated more frequently than this blog due to quicker access. This will be the home of major news and smaller news will be facebook. Also if you are reading on facebook then you are logged in and able to leave comments which seams to be a no no from those that read these. Comments are very good and keeps everyone active and makes finished products more to the enjoyment of you the players..