Monday, November 5, 2012

Current Projects

Sorry about not being too active with the posts lately, just been working hard with the development of three HTML5 titles. Trying to make all three good easy fun. Also trying to make sure that they will be playable on most normal phones and tablets. I keep saying videos of these titles will be available and it still has not happened yet but this time some will be made. I am hoping sometime this weekend we will have one major video featuring all three games or a short video for each.

One of them may even be available as a demo this weekend. (oooh, what fun). When we do demos, they are tech demos of the games functions and playstyle, so the play level will not be all fancy and super challenging but you will get a good idea on how the game will play.  Also this will give you guys the chance to suggest level layouts and ideas to us on our facebook page.

Remember we design games for the gamers and would love to make awesome games for all of you. The best way to do this is by hearing what you have to say and then implementing it.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tanks of Fortune Update

We currently have a good amount of graphical assets for this game now, most sounds will be pulled and reused from Tik Tok Tank. Some sounds will even get an update to sound fuller. As of right now, the game will most likely get a new level every week and start off with having 1 for now. A menu system will most likely be made to choose the levels you wish to play. This will eventually grow into small campaigns but as for now will be mini missions.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Like Us on Facebook

Yeah, not much of an original title but needless to say we do have a Facebook page now. We will still make new posts here but we will also post small updates on Facebook. So please join us and show some love. We are still trying to get some video footage and pics up on the Facebook page. With 2 people and the projects and real life work we both have it will take a little bit of time to get there but we will.......

Right now Tik Tok Tank and Tank of Fortune are being ported to the web and we are also (still) working on Neuntoter's Adventure for the web.

Thanks for your support


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Neuntoter's Adventure

Well, that is at least the running title right now. This is actually our first official Web Game and so far it is coming along very well. It will be a short game as to break the ice to web gaming and then our next project will be longer. I am also thinking about taking Tank of Fortune and instead of it being a PC release I may just port it for web play so all can enjoy. The game is fun and almost ready but with the way gaming is going nowadays, I believe that it should be available to the masses and not just PC, especially because of the type of game it is.

Well, that's it for now.....


Monday, August 20, 2012

Projects We Are Currently Working On

Tik Tok Tank Status:

Because of how out of the box this game was, we will be putting it's updates on hold. Both Nonulok and I believe it's a fun little game to play but the downloads are showing that it did not do as well as we planned. So until we build further momentum from other games, this one is on hold. Trust me though, this one will have tons of more crazy things and fun added when it makes it's return.

Tank of Fortune:

Basically, this is a re-work of Tik Tok Tank. This game will consist of ten levels with mini boss fights at the end of each. This games play style will be more start level, play through level, reach end of level, then battle boss. Kind of like the old school NES and SNES linear games. Also I did away with all the random power ups and weapons. They are now drops from enemies. This one is about 50% finished and will be a free download from our site.


This game has not yet been named but the over all story and concept have been fleshed out. This one will utilize the new Ground Zero Engine I have been working on which is coming along very well. This will be a 2D side scrolling shooter. Currently Nonulok is working on the graphical side of things. More on this later.

Enguised Studios Arcade:

Not a game, but a collection of HTML 5 based games that we made. I am working on a small little gothic style side scroll adventure game to test the waters. Anything in this arcade collection will be free to play direct from the web page. I will also explain a little more on this later.

Until then, hope everyone has an excellent week and chat really soon......


Monday, July 30, 2012

We're Alive

It has been a while since last post. Almost a month, ... Wow, that is a long time, so what have we been doing. Simple actually. We have been creating Tik Tok Tank into a new level (stage) based style game that will feature 10 stages. So when we are done (which is actually not too long from now) it will be a very classic type game were you travel from down to up to reach the end of the level and then proceed to the next. The very end of the game will feature a boss fight. Going to try to add some very minor story to game to allow it to flow a little better. It will also get a name change which is yet to be determined.

I have also started a new 2D engine which is actually coming along very nicely. Nonulok is currently working on some sprites for that one. It will be a sidescrolling shooter.

So more on both of these very soon.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

6-26-2012 Updates

OK, it's been a while and time for some updates......

So, we have this awesome contest that is about to start on Wed. that will be giving away some free stuff. Details can be found over at ModDB, but it basically boils down to, get contest version of demo, get one of the 3 top scores. take a screen shot or video of you final score before the game over screen goes away and then submit it to the email address, then win some free games.

This contest also marks the end of updates to the demo (which is from what I can tell pretty much bug free with an updated 7 minute timer) and focus on the actual paid for version which has been a little neglected as of late.

Things to do.

Finish the massive world so that you have alot of exploring that you can do.

Add more stages to the base selection.

Add a few more enemies and bosses. This will mean some fun tweaks to the code for some good efficient
loading and creation code.

Add a new gameplay mode. Surprises, I love surprises, what mode will this be??????

Update some of the sound FX.

So far we at Enguised Studios are very excited and proud of what we have achieved and created. This has actually been a very fun journey thus far and can't wait to see where this takes us. We do wish for support and success so that we can continue our paths of keeping Tik Tok Tank a great fun game in the future along with releasing new fun titles that will allow our players to enjoy some great casual time spent in front of almost any power of computer whether it's a gaming rig or not.

I have a buddy over seas that is currently enjoying the demo because of his time crunch schedule and this game allows him to enjoy a few minutes here and there with out crazy time demands for gaming. It's this type of thing that keeps us going.

On that note, Thanks for all the interest everyone has shown and all the fun tales that we have been told about your experiences with Tik Tok Tank and hope the future of this game allows those tales of fun to be in larger quantities.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Todays Work

Today I am working on the final release over world. There will be several of these in future versions but for the initial release there will be 1 sized 200x200 tiles. Also will be making about 5 more stages and fixing the 2x speed camera following issue.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tik Tok Tank Finished Demo

The demo for Tik Tok Tank is now complete. I will be hosting the file for a short sneak peak Sunday night between the hours of 5pm - 7pm EST. This will be for those who want a short sneak peak before ModDB officially host it what should be Monday.

We will be on bug fixing and extra polishing duty for the next 2 weeks at least including specific ones that may be brought up by the demo users. After that we will be working on our first set of free content updates.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tik Tok Tank Demo

Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for..... Du, du, duuuuu. Tik Tok Tank now has an official demo which will be submitted on ModDB/IndieDB tonight. It has pretty much most of the features the game will be initially released with along with only some of the content. We are hoping we can also set up a pre purchase which will give you all the updates as finished instead of release date.There will also be a pre purchase discount for those wanting to support us.

The demo will be a timed demo. Gameplay will go on for 5 minutes and then fall back to the title screen for you to go again for another 5. It will also feature a tiny example world map, not the completed full release world map which will be about 6x the size.

The more demo downloads we get the greater the discount will be when pre released. Anything over 500 downloads for the first week of the demo will make the discount $2 off of the $3 price tag. Anything less it will only be a $1 discount.

More details tonight.


Friday, June 1, 2012

Some Big Excitement

Last night Nonulok and I sat down for a while working on some pretty sweet levels. We were having a blast both making them and play testing through them. A playable demo is in the works along with some communication to Steam is also very close. Taking a small guess I am hoping that the full submission happens this week end along with a finished demo.

The demo will be the full game as is but placed on a 5 minute timer and when finished bring up a "Thanks for Playing" screen then return you to the "Title Screen". 5 minutes with this game will (should) be enough time to experience some fun and help you decide if you think it is a good title to own or not. The going cost will be $3 and I, myself as a gamer, would pay and have paid more for this if I came across it and it were not my own.

To back up this statement. A little while back I purchased a game entitled "Snorms". It looked good, played a very short demo and fell in love. I bought it within 30 minutes of demo download and beating. Now I use this game as an example for several reasons.

1. Cost is $9, but is very well worth the cost.
2. Gameplay is slightly similar to the way some of Tik Tok Tank's levels play through.
3. The dev could and should get more for this but does not since he loves his project and wants to make it readily available to everyone, not just deep walleters but also wants to make future projects. And this is basically what we want to do also.

So, that's my little update and more updates will be following very close.

Thank You


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Desura Update

As of right now we have not heard any word from Desura about posting our game. So at this point we are going to finish up general sound FX and a good amount of initial release content. We will then release through Steam and continually give free content updates as they are completed. We are not planning any DLC content so anything created new for Tik Tok Tank will be a free update.

Any new updates we will keep you posted.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Major Tik Tok Tank Updates

Nonulok and I put Diablo 3 aside for the weekend and worked some crazy magic on Tik Tok Tank. Revam the enemy sprites and created 2 new bosses, added water, new tiles for Base and Dungeon entries, new UI, a few new enemies. Thats just too name a few. A demo is now in the works along with the fact we submitted to Desura to get the alpha out there to everyone.

More updates to follow.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Major Tik Tok Tank Updates

So far there has not really been a user interface to the game. I had some text posted to the screen to give the info but it was not placed in any special or neatly displayed way. I have been working on a beta interface to at least use and get user feed back on. I have also updated a few of the enemies and now the game actually presents a bigger challenge than before while still retaining it's fun factor. After I am finished with these updates, a video will be shot, more up-to-date screen shots will be posted, and a game news update will happen. Thinking about how the alpha will be handled since that is very, very close.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

IndieDB Page

I just submitted everything we had to for our game's IndieDB page. This isn't the Desura page yet. That would actually need the game files to be uploaded, but the actual information page will be linked to The Enguised Studios IndieDB page. Link for that will be HERE when it's actually available. IndieDB requires new pages to be verified by staff members, so I don't have a link yet. More information to come on this...


Short Update

as you all may have noticed a slight slow down with the over all progression. No worries, we are just trying to get everything put together for Our (hoping) very soon release on Desura. More about this on Sunday when we should actually be done with this lengthy process.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Mission Statement and Some Updates

What Enguised Studios means to me:

To me we are a small studio hoping to make some kind of difference to those that like games but do not have a lot of game time and for those that love those short but sweet addictive games. To me personally, I love Skyrim  as any other game playing RPG fanatic is concerned but 100+ hours seems to me a little crazy to me. When I play the game it is to seriously just wander around a little bit and kill some stuff then I quit. Not really the way the game is meant to be played, so in the long run a lot of the later game cool stuff I may never actually see. Now after using that game as an example I loved 2 great games in particular, Lord of the Rings: War in the North and Warhammer 40K: Space Marine. Very well told stories, played for about 8-10 hours, got to experience almost all the game had to offer and could go back and play again to enjoy the story (like reading a book or watching a good movie) all over again. These are the games that I myself prefer because you can enjoy it all with very little dedication.

So what does this mean as far as my game making goals. Simple, not everyone enjoys the "Skyrim's" that are out there simply because of the crazy dedication that is required. So with an answer to that, I would love to make more of the short but sweet style games that almost everyone can enjoy whether you are in a rush and only have 10 minutes or 2 or more hours to burn, our games should fit well into your lifestyle.

Of course Tik Tok Tank, being our very first commercial release, will not really contain a story per se but it will contain a great gameplay style and a great spin off game that will open up a great story. So it will act as a good get our feet wet, introduce us to the great gaming communities and show a little of what we can do and what we are here to try to accomplish.

Speaking of which. A small Tik Tok Tank update. I am putting a small hold on the major coding parts so I can work on finishing up some levels and additional content so we can give some meat to the game and get it out there for alpha stage testing. As stated previously we are going to try to get it on Desura's Alphafunding program to help us out a little and so you the fans can enjoy it a little sooner and watch it grow as a game along with us the devs. If we can make Desura a reality then we may even do a 2 week special were the first week it will only be a dollar before it goes to it's $2 alpha price.

Nonulok and I both have some big and extended plans for this game and hope that you all will join us in the journey to make this a great game and who knows, maybe even a classic.

Thank you


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Off Topic Post

Just reminding everyone that both Nonulok and I have separate blogs where we post game reviews and other interesting topics.

Will update more about Tik Tok Tank as more major updates and changes are made.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Next Weeks Plan

Well Nonulok and I are really trying to finish up a good number of things to get Tik Tok Tank into it's alpha phase. As far as I can tell alot of the major bugs have been weeded out and it's the small little ones that happen randomly are my main concerns. We are working on levels and enemies. I am also working on events. Such as when you drive into this area enemies will spawn, or an explosion will happen, kinda like a scripted event but with out the scripts. More like triggers.

Our main plan is to get enough content into the game that we can start selling it at a discounted price on Desura under the Alpha funding program and give content updates and of course bug fixes during this time.

Created Base levels: we are planning on having over 40 levels. Each stage has a pool of levels it will choose from. Eventually we plan to have at least 20 in each stage's pool. There are 4 stages, the 5th stage is always a boss level which we plan to have anywhere between 10 - 15 bosses, hence will be having 10 - 15 boss levels. We also plan on having at least 3 over worlds the game will choose between making the experience different every play through.

We also have sound FX planned as of right now the game is silent.

So during the alpha funding stage the game will be available with little content at a discounted price but will grow by a significant amount. Possible prices are $3 for final product and $2 for Alphafunding discount price. We will always support all of our titles after final release whether it's bug fixes, minor content updates etc....

Nothing as of yet is carved in stone but these have been the running numbers and plans for this title. We appreciate the following and interest everyone has shown and hope everyone shows their support by getting the discounted alpha release so we can continue to make Tik Tok Tank better and continue on making fun games that will keep you all entertained for hours in the future.

Enguised Studios


Friday, April 13, 2012

Tik Tok Tank's AI

Just a small update on the AI situation with Tik Tok Tank.

Basically it is finished (not including boss AI which will all be scripted per boss) and running very smoothly. Enemies walk around patrolling until you come within eyesight or hit them with weapon fire. At that point they will engage in combat by shooting at you and hunting you down. They will also let out a shout that will get the attention of any other enemy within earshot distance.

This right now is working smoothly for about 120 enemies on screen and in world at the same time and running on a 1Ghz 2X core laptop. I believe that these numbers will most likely be the cap for levels since that is kinda high and already provides for some fun battles.

I will be working on scripted sequencing next. So triggers will set off explosions, unlocking doors, spawning enemies, stuff like that. Hopefully we will also have some more levels made soon so we can put the game under Desura's Alpha funding program and allow those that want to play early and receive free updates. It's been some really exciting times and the closer it comes to release the more excited we get.

On that note, have a fantastic weekend.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fun Updates

Well, it seems that are logo image and background image broke, so it goes, very weird......
Edit: Messed with the images and re-up'ed some of it. Should work now. -Nonulok

As far as the updates, alot of the core code is actually finished. Now we are creating the special events and triggers and some visual FX along with updating the node pathing to be more extensive and very invisible to the player. So with this comes updating the hell out of the level editor, which hasn't really been touched since before working on the main engine itself.

So far I did add some sweet changes to the editor to help streamline dev time better. And later tonight should be more updates to the interface and then adding all the "Coded" events to the editor.

Nonulok is working on some sweet boss sprites and screens. The sprite task this time around is not as intensive as last time (DooM 2D) since the amount of sprite animation is low. (most is coded) But the sprites themselves will be some crazy detail and bad ass.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Some New Updates

Now this blog page is looking a little more like a game dev page thanks to Nonulok's fancy work. As stated in the previous post we now have a company page set up with Desura/ModDB/IndieDB. Which are all actually the same database but different front ends. This actually starts our ball rolling plan that we mapped out for releasing Tik Tok Tank through Desura before bringing it over to Steam.

As far as coding goes I did get some bugs and glitches fixed last night and made some headway on things that needed added. The development is still going smooth. AI is being touched in small pieces while I tackle other things such as world counters that will start events and things like that.

Currently we have a few enemies just for testing purposes for path detection testing and such. We will have more to come of course when Nonulok and I can dedicate some serious time into patterns for enemy attacks and movement to really vamp up the excitement.

Well, that's all for now


New IndieDB Page!

Just opened up our company page on Indie DB. You can find it BY CLICKING HERE.

It's currently not too populated. We have to wait for Indie DB to accept our page before we can add any real content. Once that happens, this post will be modified with a few more details. Or maybe there will be another post altogether, who knows?


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

AI .... So Much Fun

So currently working on the background mechanics on AI and other things involving the dumbness ... err, I mean smarts of the enemy. AI is a fun and annoying thing to work on. Since you try to make the "enemy" seem like they know what they are doing without making it too predictable and yet the minor randomness that comes with it can break and not always show it's ugly head when a bug or glitch is in the code. Ah, good times.

Like I said, AI ..... So much fun.

Well, that is where we are at and making some really good progress.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Time to Let the Cat Out of the Bag

To shed some light on our current project. Remember how I said that I was working with the overhead portion of the engine. Well here it is.....

The current project running name is Tik Tok Tank. It is an overhead arcade style shooter. Featuring:
Weapon and player based power ups.
Enemy spawners.
An over world.
Randomly generated dungeons.
Custom created enemy bases.
Crazy ass bosses.
And tons of different enemy types.

So basically you will be given a certain amount of life to search the over world for enemy dungeons and bases. While on the over world you will be fighting off enemies of various difficulties. after finding a dungeon or base it then turns into smaller maps containing 4 levels then a boss fight. Like stated in features, what makes the dungeons different than the bases. Simple, bases are premade levels with randomly placed enemies and power ups. Dungeons are completely randomly generated. Cool thing is, no one game will be 100% identical.

So what is the progress, A lot is actually working but enemy AI is right now kinda bad. So that is the current big task. We will be posting some video footage and images of its current status. We may also post a percentage meter showing where everything is sitting as far as completion wise.

well for now that's a rap


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Reason for Upcoming Actions

Just want to explain so no one thinks we are slowing down.

We are working on a big project and doing something else that's big, so we are being pulled in in two directions at once. Why would we do this?? Simple, the first big thing is a sweet game that has been mentioned earlier and right now I am finishing up some of the most important parts.

The second big thing??
Super simple.... We are releasing the current game as a commercial release. We are working with Steam and Desura (the other big project) so of course we need tons of stuff in place for this to happen. Very soon we will be posting pics, vids and game description and features.

What this could do....
This may slow down our posting while we get these two very time consuming things under wraps. We are very excited to be getting to this point and will also be excited when we can deliver our labor of gaming love to you the fans and gamers.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Weekend

Yes, not really an update post but more like a hello and how ye doing post. Making forward progression still with the rendering portion of the engine and the random dungeon creation parts. Still going very well.

more updates (bigger) soon.....


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Surprise Surprise

While the new engine is going as smooth as it can be going right now, I have actually been focusing on the top down portion more as of late. Nonulok and I have been digging up some ideas for some awesome top down based game. And honestly so far I can't really think of many, if any at all, games that will be set up like this one will be. So we will be finishing this one up before our platformer sees the full light of day.

I really do not want to give away to many details, but we are excited and I am playing the crap out of what is already made just because it's really fun... well to me anyway lol.


Edited by Nonulok: My eyes! How did you pass English class?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Where The New Engine is Taking Us

Re inventing the platformer is... well.. almost impossible, but with that said making a good one is not. Our intentions with this new engine is not to pull off anything super new with platformers in general but to help mix a good steady paced platforming gameplay with a good challenging paced shooter. Unlike the previous shooter we introduced, (DooM 2D) we will be bring a ton more features to the table this time around. Including some very common features found in standard platforming games today.

  1. Ladders: DooM 2D had them, but they were coded like platforms. This time around you actually can climb and descend them like a normal ladder.

  2. Two styles of platforms. Ones you can jump up through and jump down through and the kind that only lets you jump up through.

  3. Water: Not sure how much it will come into play for our current game but swimming will be in this game with basic water physics. Mostly slowing movement and making jumping higher. Who knows :)

  4. Slopes: Thats right, not everything will be blocks anymore. Currently we have 45 angles working. We may make some more variants but also this time around the world tiles are smaller to make design decisions more precise and less blocky.

  5. Different ways of animating the world, characters and items. This will hopefully bring our worlds a little more too life, water will move, barrels may have a fire burning on the inside for extra d├ęcor reasons. The player's animations will be made of several different sprites to make more dynamic motions. These are just a few examples.

  6. Conveyor style blocks. These are very common in platformers and for many reasons. They always play into adding extra obstacle and friction to a characters movement.

  7. Basic physics: Let me explain this one a little. Not using Phys-X or Havoc, nor are we trying to achieve such awesomeness but we are however going to get objects to be push-able, maybe even roll down hills. Using boxes and barrels as stepping blocks to get to higher levels. Things like that. Maybe even explosions pushing objects away. That portion depends on time really. (if we have it or not)

  8. Better detailed levels: This is made available now since I have also made a lovely level editor which is proving to be tremendous help thus far. Along with detailed levels, this engine is also fully capable of top down levels. Hmm... the possibilities.

Well, that was a big post about progress and up-coming features. I will let you all sit on that and soak it in while we make this all work and get the game closer to beta. Till next time......


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Taking Down Download Links

So as Neuntoter has posted, we were contacted by ID Software directly about some possible copyright issues. I've been surfing around the Internet to remove all links to our game in its current state, but I'm not perfect. I'm making this post to possibly get some help. To anyone reading this: If you see a link to our game still alive somewhere out there, please contact us. Either post a comment here or e-mail me at I've either taken down links or e-mailed content managers/webmasters to take down links, but I can't possibly hit every website ever.

This isn't all bad though. We're working on new things as well as getting some new graphics for what used to be the Doom game so we can get that back out there. We've seen hundreds of downloads, had some good feedback, and even got so well known that the president of ID Software personally contacted us. It wasn't great news, but it shows we're starting to actually matter. So thank you people of the Internet. Without word of mouth, our work would have gone nowhere and died shortly after starting. We've never paid for any kind of advertising and have had a budget of pretty close to $0.00 through this whole thing and none of that would have been possible without people taking an interest in what we're doing. So thank you again to you, Internet people, for all the support. We'll have something new up for download ASAP. Promise.


New Engine Update.

Very short post but just letting you all know that we are still alive and kicking. The new engine is coming along very well. Also since we are creating all new characters, we decided a new way to render the enemies and characters that will help cut back the actual amount of animation to help speed up production and in my opinion opens up better and more real looking animations that are fully dynamic. The gun arm will now actually follow the mouse curser and your head will also look towards where you are pointing. Small details yes but shall look sweet when finished.

Also have new world states. Such as climbing ladders, water effects, moving floor effects (convyer belt), slopes, teleports. So those alone will help create better levels.The particle engine system has been completely overhauled and revamped so the effects are just better.

While it is a shame about the whole DooM 2D project, we are very excited to be bring a fully new and original title to the masses.

Thanks for the understanding


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A New Face on Our Current Game

Upon a friendly request from ID software, I had to pull the DooM 2D Demo. The issue was is that I was using ripped sprites for the assets of the game instead of using them from the shareware wad file. Now what Nonulok and I are working on is creating all new assets for the shooter engine that we have and making a new game(as in same game, different name and face). I will also be looking into how I can utilize wad files with my engine so the Doom project can continue.

I respect IDs decision on having me pull the downloads and have absolutely no hard feelings for the decision that they made. They have made awesome games from the start and have always been very friendly with the mod community.

I hope those that have gotten ahold of the demo had fun with it enjoyed the game play of it, and believe me when I say, the new version will contain dark gfx, improved gameplay, and a very cool and twisted story. It will basically be an edited version of what we were going for with the DooM game but it will contain the modified story and assets.

Thanks for the understanding,


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Growing Fan Base

As the name implies, both Nonulok and I think that we actually have more than we imagined that are actually playing and enjoying our creation known as DooM 2D Demo. So far we have been posted as front page news on Planet DooM, been posted as news on Blue's News, The Content Manager of Atomic Gamer contacted me as to link the games down load link to, and our buddies over at have started a thread about us.

We are still striving to both improve the game and make new content for it. As far as you silent supporters out there playing our game. Thank you for helping a big dream of both Nonulok's and my own come true.


Friday, January 20, 2012


Nothing to do with the our current projects but at the same time it does.....

During my 3 glorious days off from work I have been working with various techniques for more efficient coding practices. I have learned some very valuable styles that will carry over to the new engine. These new techniques actually got me all excited and refreshed with a new outlook for the up and coming projects we will be offering to our community. Right now we will have some of our main things on hush hush while we work on them. The future in my opinion looks very promising indeed and I am glad that I chose this path to join and help bring new visions of fun to the ever increasing and diverse gaming community.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good Friends From Afar

A few days ago I came across It's a Russian based website that actually have their own flavor of a 2D DooM game. Theirs is primarily multiplayer split screen. Very fun concept and very creative implementation. I have been in touch with these guys for a little now and they are very nice and helpful. I hope that anyone interested in our game will give theirs a chance since it is fun. Especially if you have a buddy and want to frag them hardcore DooM style. I am adding the links in this post but will add them to a new section of links off to the side menu area really soon.

This site is in Russian, so if you have to translate the page to navigate.

Here are the links:
DooM2D Forever - Site
English Version Download - DooM 2D Forever game

Have fun with this game and pay some respect to the wonderful team that brought it into this world.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Days Off and Coding Away

for the next 3 days I will be off from my normal job which will open up tons of coding time for the new engine and porting of the DooM 2D game. Hopefully tomorrow I am hoping to have enemy spawning and player projectiles ported over. Oh, all projectiles in the game now will not only be coded more efficiently, they will also be more bad ass since they will be utilizing additive blending. Normal speech.. a slight glow affect for fireballs and explosions instead of just a single sprite animation. Also, projectiles will give off particle based affects, like a missile giving off a trail of smoke. This was always in my plans of implementation but the original code was kinda clustered and prevented such things since calls to other functions and classes were essentially not built correctly. Now since I have the better knowledge I can code these better.

Now you guys and gals can see why I decided to do a rehash of the engine mid production.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Up Coming Release

As you all know, we have chosen to rebuild the engine for better performance, reliability and features. Along with having a pretty slick level editor for some good complex level editing. Well while everyone is waiting for Episode 1 to be released on the new engine I would like to state that I will put together some simple Boss like levels for some quick entertainment and to keep your gobs wet. I will most likely create about 5 or so Challenge levels (boss like fights) that should each take about 2 or so minutes to complete. Depending on how much longer it takes to release Episode 1, we may have more Challenge mode releases to keep your thirst quenched.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Studio and Project Updates

Nonulok has been taking on a few cans of worms by making us a company logo, a Title Screen for DooM 2D Episode 1, and also working on our new format of Tilesheets. I have been converting the old DooM 2D engine to our new engine. With this has come a delay in release but trust me when I say this, it is well worth the time for both us as devs and you as the game players. The new engine has less limits and more features, will run on lesser specced machines and also now has intergrated dev tools for coming up with level design and creating new assets on a much easier scale. This works out for you as the gamer meaning The episodes will come at way better intervals once implemented. Both Nonulok and I are getting really excited about the new engine and it's promises. As a hold over I may release a few more levels using the old engine to keep interest and faith on this project and our up and coming studio.

I will also be working on a small project as I work on the new engine to show off some of the minor updates and to keep some fresh gameplay out there from us.

That is it for now and hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday and until next time.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Small Request

Sorry it's been a little but with Christmas and New Years and everything stuff has just been very hectic. Overall development has been going really well for both DooM 2D and other projects.

Now time for the request. I really would like to see some comments left about how you are either enjoying the demo or hating it and why for either situation. The reason I ask this is so it can become better. And also for some bugs or glitches that might be on a per machine basis. Trust me, I hope all that tried have actually got to play the game. I have had to instances that someone who downloaded has not been able to play do to not being able to install XNA 4.0 or .Net 4.0. I would love to help get this resolved but can't if I don not know any details or even if it is happening at all.

And not only that we would just love to hear from you.