Monday, December 19, 2011

We Now Have a Level Editor

Yeah, this is exciting news because this will really help us speed up creating new levels for the new episodes. Although the creation of this did set us back a little for releasing Episode 1 but it is well worth it. While creating this I also added some new sweet features. Like ladders. Well let me explain better, ladders that you actually climb up and down instead of acting like stacked platforms. Also the levels are (background coding) more efficient so DooM 2D should run that much better. As an example, I dev the game on a 1Ghz X2 cpu and I did see a nice little boost in hectic scenes. The game is coded to run @ 60 FPS.

Well that's it for now


Friday, December 16, 2011

Minor Updates

I found out that the weapon switching after levels is still broken and for the life of me I can't find the issue this time. It's a mathematical issue with arrays but when I modify the equation it either increments too much or not at all which means the weapon either switches to the next highest or previous lowest. Over all it makes no sense at all.

I did make changes to the health and level caps though. Now you can no longer hit above 100 health nor can you go above the ammo caps either. I played through with it like that and made (to me) a more enjoyable play through since you were really using ammo better. These updates should go live tonight for the demo.

Also tonight Nonulok and I will be working even more on Episode 1 which should introduce improved particles for when barrels, enemies and the player get hit. I am also thinking about creating another version of the DooM 2D game and make it so it is not stage based but having encounters. For example fighting boss after boss in either waves or a boss fight then next level which contains the next boss. Or even barrel puzzle levels. But These will truly intended for short quick plays for those that are always busy and on the go.

Please any one with comments or ideas by all means leave them. Now that the demo is out we would greatly love to hear what you the players are thinking and maybe even what you would expect in the future for this series.

Thank You


Monday, December 12, 2011

DooM 2D Versioning

I actually made the mistake of thinking that when a game, whether it is a demo or an episode, would stay a fixed version with out updates and that the updates would then be released for the next episode release. WRONG..... Very bad idea, .. Why? When I die or go to the next level I go back to my hand gun, My bullets go through the bad guys head.... These issues have been fixed and I am told over and over that they are present in the game. Which as far as the player is concerned if the game or release that they are playing has these issues they have not been fixed. So solution. Going forward we will have a small version note section displaying what current version of the engine is out and what version of the current (individual game) version is out.

What this does. Engine updates means that something that effected all games was fixed and or updated and that game updates are things that effected that game in particular like GFX or sound FX fixes or updates. an update to a level or enemy found in that game etc.

Currently the version you are playing is listed in the top center screen, so you would compare that number to this blog pages current Engine version. So far not sure how we will be showing or giving the bug fix log but those are our plans and will be implemented within the week.

Thanks for your interests and patience


Friday, December 9, 2011

Side Project

The past few days I have been tinkering with designing an Isometric Tiling engine. They are very interesting and have lots of awesome possibilities. Clearly throughout gaming history they have been used over and over again for obvious reasons. But they always interested me and I thought , eh, why not, and decided to play around with one.

Over world open exploring and side scroll levels, Hmmm.....

Later and more on this later.


Worked On Episode 1 a Little

Cleaned up some collision boxes for enemies, changed some sound FX to make more sense. gave the boss a better projectile animation. cleaned up alot of the highly used tiles to make them less redundant. Going to work on the shooting patterns for the enemies so each enemy in the level has a unique pattern and not the enemy type. So far it's cleaning up nice.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Demo.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Demo is Released to the Masses

Today is a big day for us. The games (DooM 2D) demo is finally live for all to play and try out. The demo, once again, is gameplay, level design, and game flow. Once Episode 1 is released the level detail will be amped up greatly along with sounds.

Click Here for Download

Download and follow the install txt file. very straight forward.

Thanks all for sticking with us. we will soon be posting pics and other fun stuff.


Download link fixed. -Nonulok

Friday, December 2, 2011

Quick Update

Just trying to get some more sound effects before it posts live (the demo). So in all honesty it should be out tonight which when it does go live I will make another post with the link.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Demo Release

Oh, 1 day away and so excited. So far receiving some really good feedback from our testers. alot has been either updated to be smoother and better for gameplay and just added to change some stuff up for the new demo players. I have some big plans for this project in the future that will keep it simple, fun but hopefully addicting. Do not want to give too much away but will say that it should bring some back into the day lol if you know what I mean.