Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Desura Update

As of right now we have not heard any word from Desura about posting our game. So at this point we are going to finish up general sound FX and a good amount of initial release content. We will then release through Steam and continually give free content updates as they are completed. We are not planning any DLC content so anything created new for Tik Tok Tank will be a free update.

Any new updates we will keep you posted.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Major Tik Tok Tank Updates

Nonulok and I put Diablo 3 aside for the weekend and worked some crazy magic on Tik Tok Tank. Revam the enemy sprites and created 2 new bosses, added water, new tiles for Base and Dungeon entries, new UI, a few new enemies. Thats just too name a few. A demo is now in the works along with the fact we submitted to Desura to get the alpha out there to everyone.

More updates to follow.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Major Tik Tok Tank Updates

So far there has not really been a user interface to the game. I had some text posted to the screen to give the info but it was not placed in any special or neatly displayed way. I have been working on a beta interface to at least use and get user feed back on. I have also updated a few of the enemies and now the game actually presents a bigger challenge than before while still retaining it's fun factor. After I am finished with these updates, a video will be shot, more up-to-date screen shots will be posted, and a game news update will happen. Thinking about how the alpha will be handled since that is very, very close.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

IndieDB Page

I just submitted everything we had to for our game's IndieDB page. This isn't the Desura page yet. That would actually need the game files to be uploaded, but the actual information page will be linked to The Enguised Studios IndieDB page. Link for that will be HERE when it's actually available. IndieDB requires new pages to be verified by staff members, so I don't have a link yet. More information to come on this...


Short Update

as you all may have noticed a slight slow down with the over all progression. No worries, we are just trying to get everything put together for Our (hoping) very soon release on Desura. More about this on Sunday when we should actually be done with this lengthy process.