Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A New Face on Our Current Game

Upon a friendly request from ID software, I had to pull the DooM 2D Demo. The issue was is that I was using ripped sprites for the assets of the game instead of using them from the shareware wad file. Now what Nonulok and I are working on is creating all new assets for the shooter engine that we have and making a new game(as in same game, different name and face). I will also be looking into how I can utilize wad files with my engine so the Doom project can continue.

I respect IDs decision on having me pull the downloads and have absolutely no hard feelings for the decision that they made. They have made awesome games from the start and have always been very friendly with the mod community.

I hope those that have gotten ahold of the demo had fun with it enjoyed the game play of it, and believe me when I say, the new version will contain dark gfx, improved gameplay, and a very cool and twisted story. It will basically be an edited version of what we were going for with the DooM game but it will contain the modified story and assets.

Thanks for the understanding,


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Growing Fan Base

As the name implies, both Nonulok and I think that we actually have more than we imagined that are actually playing and enjoying our creation known as DooM 2D Demo. So far we have been posted as front page news on Planet DooM, been posted as news on Blue's News, The Content Manager of Atomic Gamer contacted me as to link the games down load link to AtomicGamer.com, and our buddies over at DooM2D.org have started a thread about us.

We are still striving to both improve the game and make new content for it. As far as you silent supporters out there playing our game. Thank you for helping a big dream of both Nonulok's and my own come true.


Friday, January 20, 2012


Nothing to do with the our current projects but at the same time it does.....

During my 3 glorious days off from work I have been working with various techniques for more efficient coding practices. I have learned some very valuable styles that will carry over to the new engine. These new techniques actually got me all excited and refreshed with a new outlook for the up and coming projects we will be offering to our community. Right now we will have some of our main things on hush hush while we work on them. The future in my opinion looks very promising indeed and I am glad that I chose this path to join and help bring new visions of fun to the ever increasing and diverse gaming community.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good Friends From Afar

A few days ago I came across Doom2D.org. It's a Russian based website that actually have their own flavor of a 2D DooM game. Theirs is primarily multiplayer split screen. Very fun concept and very creative implementation. I have been in touch with these guys for a little now and they are very nice and helpful. I hope that anyone interested in our game will give theirs a chance since it is fun. Especially if you have a buddy and want to frag them hardcore DooM style. I am adding the links in this post but will add them to a new section of links off to the side menu area really soon.

This site is in Russian, so if you have to translate the page to navigate.

Here are the links:
DooM2D Forever - Site
English Version Download - DooM 2D Forever game

Have fun with this game and pay some respect to the wonderful team that brought it into this world.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Days Off and Coding Away

for the next 3 days I will be off from my normal job which will open up tons of coding time for the new engine and porting of the DooM 2D game. Hopefully tomorrow I am hoping to have enemy spawning and player projectiles ported over. Oh, all projectiles in the game now will not only be coded more efficiently, they will also be more bad ass since they will be utilizing additive blending. Normal speech.. a slight glow affect for fireballs and explosions instead of just a single sprite animation. Also, projectiles will give off particle based affects, like a missile giving off a trail of smoke. This was always in my plans of implementation but the original code was kinda clustered and prevented such things since calls to other functions and classes were essentially not built correctly. Now since I have the better knowledge I can code these better.

Now you guys and gals can see why I decided to do a rehash of the engine mid production.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Up Coming Release

As you all know, we have chosen to rebuild the engine for better performance, reliability and features. Along with having a pretty slick level editor for some good complex level editing. Well while everyone is waiting for Episode 1 to be released on the new engine I would like to state that I will put together some simple Boss like levels for some quick entertainment and to keep your gobs wet. I will most likely create about 5 or so Challenge levels (boss like fights) that should each take about 2 or so minutes to complete. Depending on how much longer it takes to release Episode 1, we may have more Challenge mode releases to keep your thirst quenched.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Studio and Project Updates

Nonulok has been taking on a few cans of worms by making us a company logo, a Title Screen for DooM 2D Episode 1, and also working on our new format of Tilesheets. I have been converting the old DooM 2D engine to our new engine. With this has come a delay in release but trust me when I say this, it is well worth the time for both us as devs and you as the game players. The new engine has less limits and more features, will run on lesser specced machines and also now has intergrated dev tools for coming up with level design and creating new assets on a much easier scale. This works out for you as the gamer meaning The episodes will come at way better intervals once implemented. Both Nonulok and I are getting really excited about the new engine and it's promises. As a hold over I may release a few more levels using the old engine to keep interest and faith on this project and our up and coming studio.

I will also be working on a small project as I work on the new engine to show off some of the minor updates and to keep some fresh gameplay out there from us.

That is it for now and hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday and until next time.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Small Request

Sorry it's been a little but with Christmas and New Years and everything stuff has just been very hectic. Overall development has been going really well for both DooM 2D and other projects.

Now time for the request. I really would like to see some comments left about how you are either enjoying the demo or hating it and why for either situation. The reason I ask this is so it can become better. And also for some bugs or glitches that might be on a per machine basis. Trust me, I hope all that tried have actually got to play the game. I have had to instances that someone who downloaded has not been able to play do to not being able to install XNA 4.0 or .Net 4.0. I would love to help get this resolved but can't if I don not know any details or even if it is happening at all.

And not only that we would just love to hear from you.