Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Player Mechanics

????? New Player Mechanics?????? Whu?? Well, let me explain. As you could clearly see in the video, you always looked forward even while shooting at angles and scoping out your enemies with missiles to the face. Well, I personally wanted to add visuals that would show your currently selected gun in your hand and also show in what direction you are facing, as in angles. Hence new player mechanics. the head, chest, weapon arms, and legs are now all separate pieces that get their own animations, meaning we can do some really cool animation combos with out having to make tons of sprite sheets, .... this makes Nonulok very happy : ) My brother watched the video and funny thing is the first thing he said to me was "he should aim where he is shooting" and I said, "I know, I really want that but not fully sure if I should add that"

Well, I'm adding that, and it seems I was not the only one to think it so, there ya go. When all the angle math and placement works, I will post some short video pimping it out. until then, happy gaming...


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