Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Major Update

Major??!!!, what could be so major???

Well first would be a low feature sound engine. Thats right, we now have sounds with volume control. Any of those that watched any of our videos has most likely realized that there was not any sound during them. That was not by us muting it, that was truly because there was not any. The engine will be built up of course but for now it has volume control and it puts out sound. will work well enough for the Alpha release.
:::Planned additions to the sound engine will be:::
1. Sound panning (AKA Stereo Sound)
This will allow creatures to be heard on their proper sides of the screen.
2. Ambient Sound Channels
This will be under a separate volume control than the SFX and Music. This will allow us to scare the hell out of you the best we can in a 2D. Plus it will just add to the atmosphere.
3. Music Sound Channels
Under separate volume control. Will allow for some sweet music to be played that will be performed and composed by yours truly, Nonulok and Neuntoter.

And for the next major portion of the update. Area of effect damage. Missile blasts, barrels, and BFG. They now hit multiple targets including yourself and depending on how close you are to the blast will actually depend on damage you take from the blast. I added player damage from the BFG if you are close but the damage is super dumbed down compared to what it does to the enemies. I did this for strategy reasons. It is a shooter yes, but if you know you get hit point blank then you will think twice about certain attacks before doing them. It basically prevents the game from being too easy.

Well there you have it. Alpha right around the corner and some juicy news to get excited about.


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