Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fun Filled Update

Ok, just a quick post.......

We have all been waiting till the initial video release, well here it is, tonight is the night it will be posted. Now about that Alpha release for a 4 or so day download time frame. Nonulok and I discussed how this will be an exciting moment for us and that we will post it for a short time frame so everyone following this and interested in what it's all about. Now with this Alpha release we will ask you to keep in mind that it is un optimized code, not all characters, levels and or features will actually be in it. We will give you a few levels with some enemies to give a quick feel. There will also be no sounds or music and that controls may also change a little in final release.

We will be releasing this Alpha to get comments about, will this be in game, will this feature be available, and other things. We are hoping to get ideas and partial direction on where this should go. Please do not get us wrong, we both have a 100% direction of how this game will be played and where this game will end. But we also realize that we might have left out some mechanics and or features of such that will make it that much better of an experience.

Well enough about the Alpha, we will discuss that more when the release date and time frame have been stamped final.


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