Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Moving Forward

Not going to say too much about code today but I do want to point out the awesome work in the sprite and tile department known as the mighty Nonulok. His attention to detail and his shared vision for this project is letting him some amazing things. My code is coming out rather well but without the images that the code modifies the code (in my opinion) is essentially useless. So I would like to thank Nonulok for his great dedication and excellent work in this project.

We have been using so far the DooM 64 sprites and the original DooM tile sets. But like I said in an earlier post, this project is influenced bu DooM, not a complete 2D recreation of it. So with that said, Nonulok has been making slight alterations to the sprites along with creating all new animations for new movements and so on. play-ability wise it is feeling good, and visually it is looking great. A few people (friends, family) that have tried the current state exe are loving it and so I hope it just keeps getting better and then we will pass the greatness onto everyone wanting to play it : )


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