Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Possible New AI and Video release updates

Well first I just want to say I purchased LIMBO from steam and the game is an amazing platform puzzle game. simple controls, forward, jump, back and action (for flipping switches and stuff) almost all the puzzles are physics based some using gravity and others using momentum. But either way the game is great, give the demo a try at least, get it through steam.

Now about DooM, going through the AI code I was thinking, "You know, it works, it's functional, it's also cluttered as crap and could be coding so much more efficiently". So I may do this but in the process it will also help me make it more robust for many forms of AI instead of rehashing almost 80 lines of code over and over for different enemy types. The video will be made before this code overhaul just for the sake that the video is meant to demonstrate the game and our goals with it. When it is done it should be a full shiny finished optimized product.

Going to work on some special things to shine up the video experience, and yes, it should all be in the finished product unless we get complaints or it really just does not fit in to the way the game plays. Oh and one last thing before I let you go before next post. Video will be recorded tonight or tomorrow. Then some compression time and uploading, should be from anytime tonight to Friday night. Commentary will be so so for now until we get a little more in game and have a little more to talk about.


Edit by Nonulok: LIMBO also available on PSN and XBLA btw.

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