Monday, August 22, 2011

Used Assets

Just a quick update on where the assets are actually coming from. This is a DooM game so the assets are being pulled from DooM, DooM II , DooM 64, DooM 3, and custom made based off of the previous 3. This includes, all textures and sounds. (sprites included) So far sounds will be D3 sounds since those are the easiest to rip, sound awesome and are much more rich than the old school sounds. The GFX are meant to be retro to a degree but the sound and music I believe should be great. Along with the sounds and all, lets talk about the soundtrack. Nonulok and I are both musicians and will be completely writing an original score for this game. None of this music will be featured in the Alpha release but will of course be in the final game.

Certain textures my come over from the 3rd DooM or we my include D3 GFX as an option to choose from so it will be DooM, DooM64 or DooM 3.


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