Monday, August 8, 2011

Enemy AI

For the past week I have been working on the AI for the enemies. I was all set polishing it up and Nonulok says to me, "So what are we doing with flying creatures??"

My response "uhhmm , " *pause* "well I guess I have to make them work too"

so that means today I'm work on flying creature AI. Honestly, it should basically be the same as all the ground enemy AI but these ones will use the Y axis for movement also. so it should be done today.

So about that video, hmm, that should be recorded tonight if the whole AI thing goes well. I have that to finish and also want to add some controls to some of my testing visuals so we can explain them better and not have a kinda mess on the screen the whole time.

well, thats it for now, back to coding to bring you guys that wonderful video tonight.

Edited by Nonulok: Grammar fixes, Labels added

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