Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A New Face on Our Current Game

Upon a friendly request from ID software, I had to pull the DooM 2D Demo. The issue was is that I was using ripped sprites for the assets of the game instead of using them from the shareware wad file. Now what Nonulok and I are working on is creating all new assets for the shooter engine that we have and making a new game(as in same game, different name and face). I will also be looking into how I can utilize wad files with my engine so the Doom project can continue.

I respect IDs decision on having me pull the downloads and have absolutely no hard feelings for the decision that they made. They have made awesome games from the start and have always been very friendly with the mod community.

I hope those that have gotten ahold of the demo had fun with it enjoyed the game play of it, and believe me when I say, the new version will contain dark gfx, improved gameplay, and a very cool and twisted story. It will basically be an edited version of what we were going for with the DooM game but it will contain the modified story and assets.

Thanks for the understanding,


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