Monday, January 9, 2012

Studio and Project Updates

Nonulok has been taking on a few cans of worms by making us a company logo, a Title Screen for DooM 2D Episode 1, and also working on our new format of Tilesheets. I have been converting the old DooM 2D engine to our new engine. With this has come a delay in release but trust me when I say this, it is well worth the time for both us as devs and you as the game players. The new engine has less limits and more features, will run on lesser specced machines and also now has intergrated dev tools for coming up with level design and creating new assets on a much easier scale. This works out for you as the gamer meaning The episodes will come at way better intervals once implemented. Both Nonulok and I are getting really excited about the new engine and it's promises. As a hold over I may release a few more levels using the old engine to keep interest and faith on this project and our up and coming studio.

I will also be working on a small project as I work on the new engine to show off some of the minor updates and to keep some fresh gameplay out there from us.

That is it for now and hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday and until next time.


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