Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Small Request

Sorry it's been a little but with Christmas and New Years and everything stuff has just been very hectic. Overall development has been going really well for both DooM 2D and other projects.

Now time for the request. I really would like to see some comments left about how you are either enjoying the demo or hating it and why for either situation. The reason I ask this is so it can become better. And also for some bugs or glitches that might be on a per machine basis. Trust me, I hope all that tried have actually got to play the game. I have had to instances that someone who downloaded has not been able to play do to not being able to install XNA 4.0 or .Net 4.0. I would love to help get this resolved but can't if I don not know any details or even if it is happening at all.

And not only that we would just love to hear from you.


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