Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good Friends From Afar

A few days ago I came across Doom2D.org. It's a Russian based website that actually have their own flavor of a 2D DooM game. Theirs is primarily multiplayer split screen. Very fun concept and very creative implementation. I have been in touch with these guys for a little now and they are very nice and helpful. I hope that anyone interested in our game will give theirs a chance since it is fun. Especially if you have a buddy and want to frag them hardcore DooM style. I am adding the links in this post but will add them to a new section of links off to the side menu area really soon.

This site is in Russian, so if you have to translate the page to navigate.

Here are the links:
DooM2D Forever - Site
English Version Download - DooM 2D Forever game

Have fun with this game and pay some respect to the wonderful team that brought it into this world.


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