Monday, January 16, 2012

Days Off and Coding Away

for the next 3 days I will be off from my normal job which will open up tons of coding time for the new engine and porting of the DooM 2D game. Hopefully tomorrow I am hoping to have enemy spawning and player projectiles ported over. Oh, all projectiles in the game now will not only be coded more efficiently, they will also be more bad ass since they will be utilizing additive blending. Normal speech.. a slight glow affect for fireballs and explosions instead of just a single sprite animation. Also, projectiles will give off particle based affects, like a missile giving off a trail of smoke. This was always in my plans of implementation but the original code was kinda clustered and prevented such things since calls to other functions and classes were essentially not built correctly. Now since I have the better knowledge I can code these better.

Now you guys and gals can see why I decided to do a rehash of the engine mid production.


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