Saturday, April 21, 2012

Next Weeks Plan

Well Nonulok and I are really trying to finish up a good number of things to get Tik Tok Tank into it's alpha phase. As far as I can tell alot of the major bugs have been weeded out and it's the small little ones that happen randomly are my main concerns. We are working on levels and enemies. I am also working on events. Such as when you drive into this area enemies will spawn, or an explosion will happen, kinda like a scripted event but with out the scripts. More like triggers.

Our main plan is to get enough content into the game that we can start selling it at a discounted price on Desura under the Alpha funding program and give content updates and of course bug fixes during this time.

Created Base levels: we are planning on having over 40 levels. Each stage has a pool of levels it will choose from. Eventually we plan to have at least 20 in each stage's pool. There are 4 stages, the 5th stage is always a boss level which we plan to have anywhere between 10 - 15 bosses, hence will be having 10 - 15 boss levels. We also plan on having at least 3 over worlds the game will choose between making the experience different every play through.

We also have sound FX planned as of right now the game is silent.

So during the alpha funding stage the game will be available with little content at a discounted price but will grow by a significant amount. Possible prices are $3 for final product and $2 for Alphafunding discount price. We will always support all of our titles after final release whether it's bug fixes, minor content updates etc....

Nothing as of yet is carved in stone but these have been the running numbers and plans for this title. We appreciate the following and interest everyone has shown and hope everyone shows their support by getting the discounted alpha release so we can continue to make Tik Tok Tank better and continue on making fun games that will keep you all entertained for hours in the future.

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