Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fun Updates

Well, it seems that are logo image and background image broke, so it goes, very weird......
Edit: Messed with the images and re-up'ed some of it. Should work now. -Nonulok

As far as the updates, alot of the core code is actually finished. Now we are creating the special events and triggers and some visual FX along with updating the node pathing to be more extensive and very invisible to the player. So with this comes updating the hell out of the level editor, which hasn't really been touched since before working on the main engine itself.

So far I did add some sweet changes to the editor to help streamline dev time better. And later tonight should be more updates to the interface and then adding all the "Coded" events to the editor.

Nonulok is working on some sweet boss sprites and screens. The sprite task this time around is not as intensive as last time (DooM 2D) since the amount of sprite animation is low. (most is coded) But the sprites themselves will be some crazy detail and bad ass.


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