Friday, April 13, 2012

Tik Tok Tank's AI

Just a small update on the AI situation with Tik Tok Tank.

Basically it is finished (not including boss AI which will all be scripted per boss) and running very smoothly. Enemies walk around patrolling until you come within eyesight or hit them with weapon fire. At that point they will engage in combat by shooting at you and hunting you down. They will also let out a shout that will get the attention of any other enemy within earshot distance.

This right now is working smoothly for about 120 enemies on screen and in world at the same time and running on a 1Ghz 2X core laptop. I believe that these numbers will most likely be the cap for levels since that is kinda high and already provides for some fun battles.

I will be working on scripted sequencing next. So triggers will set off explosions, unlocking doors, spawning enemies, stuff like that. Hopefully we will also have some more levels made soon so we can put the game under Desura's Alpha funding program and allow those that want to play early and receive free updates. It's been some really exciting times and the closer it comes to release the more excited we get.

On that note, have a fantastic weekend.


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