Tuesday, June 26, 2012

6-26-2012 Updates

OK, it's been a while and time for some updates......

So, we have this awesome contest that is about to start on Wed. that will be giving away some free stuff. Details can be found over at ModDB, but it basically boils down to, get contest version of demo, get one of the 3 top scores. take a screen shot or video of you final score before the game over screen goes away and then submit it to the email address enguisedStudios@yahoo.com, then win some free games.

This contest also marks the end of updates to the demo (which is from what I can tell pretty much bug free with an updated 7 minute timer) and focus on the actual paid for version which has been a little neglected as of late.

Things to do.

Finish the massive world so that you have alot of exploring that you can do.

Add more stages to the base selection.

Add a few more enemies and bosses. This will mean some fun tweaks to the code for some good efficient
loading and creation code.

Add a new gameplay mode. Surprises, I love surprises, what mode will this be??????

Update some of the sound FX.

So far we at Enguised Studios are very excited and proud of what we have achieved and created. This has actually been a very fun journey thus far and can't wait to see where this takes us. We do wish for support and success so that we can continue our paths of keeping Tik Tok Tank a great fun game in the future along with releasing new fun titles that will allow our players to enjoy some great casual time spent in front of almost any power of computer whether it's a gaming rig or not.

I have a buddy over seas that is currently enjoying the demo because of his time crunch schedule and this game allows him to enjoy a few minutes here and there with out crazy time demands for gaming. It's this type of thing that keeps us going.

On that note, Thanks for all the interest everyone has shown and all the fun tales that we have been told about your experiences with Tik Tok Tank and hope the future of this game allows those tales of fun to be in larger quantities.


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