Friday, June 1, 2012

Some Big Excitement

Last night Nonulok and I sat down for a while working on some pretty sweet levels. We were having a blast both making them and play testing through them. A playable demo is in the works along with some communication to Steam is also very close. Taking a small guess I am hoping that the full submission happens this week end along with a finished demo.

The demo will be the full game as is but placed on a 5 minute timer and when finished bring up a "Thanks for Playing" screen then return you to the "Title Screen". 5 minutes with this game will (should) be enough time to experience some fun and help you decide if you think it is a good title to own or not. The going cost will be $3 and I, myself as a gamer, would pay and have paid more for this if I came across it and it were not my own.

To back up this statement. A little while back I purchased a game entitled "Snorms". It looked good, played a very short demo and fell in love. I bought it within 30 minutes of demo download and beating. Now I use this game as an example for several reasons.

1. Cost is $9, but is very well worth the cost.
2. Gameplay is slightly similar to the way some of Tik Tok Tank's levels play through.
3. The dev could and should get more for this but does not since he loves his project and wants to make it readily available to everyone, not just deep walleters but also wants to make future projects. And this is basically what we want to do also.

So, that's my little update and more updates will be following very close.

Thank You


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