Monday, December 12, 2011

DooM 2D Versioning

I actually made the mistake of thinking that when a game, whether it is a demo or an episode, would stay a fixed version with out updates and that the updates would then be released for the next episode release. WRONG..... Very bad idea, .. Why? When I die or go to the next level I go back to my hand gun, My bullets go through the bad guys head.... These issues have been fixed and I am told over and over that they are present in the game. Which as far as the player is concerned if the game or release that they are playing has these issues they have not been fixed. So solution. Going forward we will have a small version note section displaying what current version of the engine is out and what version of the current (individual game) version is out.

What this does. Engine updates means that something that effected all games was fixed and or updated and that game updates are things that effected that game in particular like GFX or sound FX fixes or updates. an update to a level or enemy found in that game etc.

Currently the version you are playing is listed in the top center screen, so you would compare that number to this blog pages current Engine version. So far not sure how we will be showing or giving the bug fix log but those are our plans and will be implemented within the week.

Thanks for your interests and patience


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