Friday, December 16, 2011

Minor Updates

I found out that the weapon switching after levels is still broken and for the life of me I can't find the issue this time. It's a mathematical issue with arrays but when I modify the equation it either increments too much or not at all which means the weapon either switches to the next highest or previous lowest. Over all it makes no sense at all.

I did make changes to the health and level caps though. Now you can no longer hit above 100 health nor can you go above the ammo caps either. I played through with it like that and made (to me) a more enjoyable play through since you were really using ammo better. These updates should go live tonight for the demo.

Also tonight Nonulok and I will be working even more on Episode 1 which should introduce improved particles for when barrels, enemies and the player get hit. I am also thinking about creating another version of the DooM 2D game and make it so it is not stage based but having encounters. For example fighting boss after boss in either waves or a boss fight then next level which contains the next boss. Or even barrel puzzle levels. But These will truly intended for short quick plays for those that are always busy and on the go.

Please any one with comments or ideas by all means leave them. Now that the demo is out we would greatly love to hear what you the players are thinking and maybe even what you would expect in the future for this series.

Thank You


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