Saturday, March 16, 2013

Marches Update

OK, it has been a while, but like I said we have a Facebook page that gets most of the updates. I will include that link to the side to make it easier to stop by and visit.

Games and where they are at:

Action Corp:
Released the tech demo of this one. Waiting to hear community feedback. This is still a work in progress but currently on hold.

Space Attack:
About 90% completed. We still have to add sounds and 4 bosses. AI, and main enemies work and function as we intended. In game store (items purchased by your points you score) is fully working as intended. Shields and life along with the UI all work as intended.

Nonulok stated that he wanted to re-work all of the images to make them bigger and a little more detailed. Since we are trying to stay within the limits of the Android res and we do not want the game to scroll we have to still stick with some form of pixel art but does not mean it is a bad thing.

Tank of Fortune:
I am currently recoding this one with better AI since Nonulok is imaging Space Attack and that leaves me with some free time. I am going for a little more up-to-date gameplay than I originally anticipated with this one. It will still be made up of stages you need to complete to move to the next but each stage will have objectives that allow for exploring than just going in a general direction to complete the level.

Tik Tok Tank:
On hold. Long term project. This will be a commercial release and when that day comes will most likely go for $3 or so. At the time we start work on this again we may do some kind of funding for it to get things rolling quicker. I will post more info on this later.

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