Monday, November 5, 2012

Current Projects

Sorry about not being too active with the posts lately, just been working hard with the development of three HTML5 titles. Trying to make all three good easy fun. Also trying to make sure that they will be playable on most normal phones and tablets. I keep saying videos of these titles will be available and it still has not happened yet but this time some will be made. I am hoping sometime this weekend we will have one major video featuring all three games or a short video for each.

One of them may even be available as a demo this weekend. (oooh, what fun). When we do demos, they are tech demos of the games functions and playstyle, so the play level will not be all fancy and super challenging but you will get a good idea on how the game will play.  Also this will give you guys the chance to suggest level layouts and ideas to us on our facebook page.

Remember we design games for the gamers and would love to make awesome games for all of you. The best way to do this is by hearing what you have to say and then implementing it.


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