Monday, October 24, 2011

Big Announcement, Well... Sorta

I kinda took a step back from the programming end as a break I guess you could say. last thing I was working on was per pixel collision detection (Fun, fun). IMO, the game runs more than good enough to at least release a short demo of it to the public. Nonulok and I have to sit down and design the levels and add the music. After we release it there will of course be updates to it as we improve our engine and start to work on our new game which will be a very original title. The whole mini games thing will also start to happen so we did not forget about that.

I have also been working on an epic texture pack for Terraria based off the Castlevania series. It is actually turning out really well. More on that when I have a few more things completed. Well thats the update for now, thanks everyone.....


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