Monday, August 20, 2012

Projects We Are Currently Working On

Tik Tok Tank Status:

Because of how out of the box this game was, we will be putting it's updates on hold. Both Nonulok and I believe it's a fun little game to play but the downloads are showing that it did not do as well as we planned. So until we build further momentum from other games, this one is on hold. Trust me though, this one will have tons of more crazy things and fun added when it makes it's return.

Tank of Fortune:

Basically, this is a re-work of Tik Tok Tank. This game will consist of ten levels with mini boss fights at the end of each. This games play style will be more start level, play through level, reach end of level, then battle boss. Kind of like the old school NES and SNES linear games. Also I did away with all the random power ups and weapons. They are now drops from enemies. This one is about 50% finished and will be a free download from our site.


This game has not yet been named but the over all story and concept have been fleshed out. This one will utilize the new Ground Zero Engine I have been working on which is coming along very well. This will be a 2D side scrolling shooter. Currently Nonulok is working on the graphical side of things. More on this later.

Enguised Studios Arcade:

Not a game, but a collection of HTML 5 based games that we made. I am working on a small little gothic style side scroll adventure game to test the waters. Anything in this arcade collection will be free to play direct from the web page. I will also explain a little more on this later.

Until then, hope everyone has an excellent week and chat really soon......


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