Saturday, February 4, 2012

Taking Down Download Links

So as Neuntoter has posted, we were contacted by ID Software directly about some possible copyright issues. I've been surfing around the Internet to remove all links to our game in its current state, but I'm not perfect. I'm making this post to possibly get some help. To anyone reading this: If you see a link to our game still alive somewhere out there, please contact us. Either post a comment here or e-mail me at I've either taken down links or e-mailed content managers/webmasters to take down links, but I can't possibly hit every website ever.

This isn't all bad though. We're working on new things as well as getting some new graphics for what used to be the Doom game so we can get that back out there. We've seen hundreds of downloads, had some good feedback, and even got so well known that the president of ID Software personally contacted us. It wasn't great news, but it shows we're starting to actually matter. So thank you people of the Internet. Without word of mouth, our work would have gone nowhere and died shortly after starting. We've never paid for any kind of advertising and have had a budget of pretty close to $0.00 through this whole thing and none of that would have been possible without people taking an interest in what we're doing. So thank you again to you, Internet people, for all the support. We'll have something new up for download ASAP. Promise.


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